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The Benefits of Corian Countertops Acrylic Counter Tops

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Acrylic counter tops are gaining popularity for their versatility, durability and strength. Their non-porous surface is food safe, hygienic and easy to clean. They are also resistant to stains, mildew and mould. They are a great choice for those with an eco-friendly mind as they do not require sealing, which reduces the amount of chemicals that are released into the environment.

Unlike polyester solid surfaces, acrylics are less brittle during fabrication, making them the preferred material for professionals. This allows them to be thermoformed into curved worktops and sinks, creating more creative fabrications. This allows the creation of integral sink/countertops and a variety of sculptural pieces. Additionally, acrylic resins are easier to handle than polyester, which makes them a better choice for intricate designs that may be difficult or impossible with other materials such as natural stone.

Acrylic counter tops are also more heat resistant than polyester, but they can still be damaged by direct contact with hot pans or cutting directly on them. Using a trivet or a heat pad is recommended, as well as religiously using a cutting board to avoid scratching. Scratch-resistant acrylic counter tops can be repaired by wet sanding and buffing, although it is important to always hire professional installers as this will ensure that your warranty will be valid.

acrylic counter tops

While both acrylic and polyester are suitable for counters, acrylic is better suited to the more demanding environments of hospitals and health clinics. This is because it is not damaged by solvents such as dental glues, ketones, acetone and thinners. It is also not damaged by boiling water, which is required in aseptic rooms for surgical preparations.modern countertops

While natural materials (granite, marble, wood) have ruled the countertop roost for years, the adaptable manufactured material known as corian is gaining ground. Corian countertops are not only extremely durable and affordable but they also offer more design flexibility than other options like quartz counters. With a wide range of color choices and a flexible design process, you're sure to find a corian counter that fits your home.

Similar to quartz, Corian is made by blending acrylic polymers with mineral and stone-derived elements. These elements are poured into half-inch thick sheets and then formed to form the countertop. The resulting counters are seamless with no visible seams which is a major selling point.

corian countertops

Like any other countertop, corian countertops can get stained although this is pretty rare and generally happens from accidental spills or if you use the counter with a scouring pad. Staining is easily fixed by rubbing with a damp cloth or using a pH-neutral cleaner like those designed for granite. Avoid using glass cleaners on Corian as they can leave a waxy buildup that degrades the surface.

One of the coolest features of Corian is its ability to be thermoformed into flowing shapes allowing for integrated sinks, inlays, backsplashes, and even illumination (lights installed to glow through the counter). While concrete and other types of materials can be molded into curves, Corian is the clear winner here.

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