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Koris Solid Surface: Australia's Premier Silica-Free Choice, Paving the Way for Healthier Living

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What is silica?

Dr Ashleigh Hood, a geoscientist at the University of Melbourne, says silica-- a compound of silicon and oxygen-- is everywhere. "Nearly 30% of the Earth's crust is silicon. It's the second-most typical aspect, coming right after oxygen." In its most typical type, silica is quartz, which implies you'll find varying levels of silica in sand at the coastline and in concrete. Many all-natural rocks such as sandstone and granite have high levels of silica, and it is in bricks, ceramic lusters and also some plastics.

When is it dangerous?

Dr Ryan Hoy, head of the Occupational Respiratory Clinic at Melbourne's Alfred healthcare facility, states: "It all comes down to particle size." The dangers are "specifically when employees take a round saw or a grinder to it". In those situations, the dust emitted will certainly be exceptionally fine, tiny sufficient to obtain deep right into the lungs. It can even stick around undetectably in the air for days afterwards.

" Silica is in concrete, rock and sand-- we can not ban it," Hoy states. "It works out past the rock benchtop sector that are however the canaries in the coalmine." He notes there are numerous various other commercial techniques and products where dangers are ignored. "What we've seen recently is among the biggest outbreaks of silicosis in Australian background. It connects straight to unsafe job exercise with a truly high silica material product."

Acrylic Solid Surface

Australia moves to fast-track ban on silica stone benchtops that cause fatal lung disease

Australia has actually taken a significant action in the direction of a world-first total restriction on crafted stone products in reaction to rising prices of silicosis from dry-cutting silica products typically made use of in kitchen and bathroom benches.

On Tuesday the job health and safety ministers of all states and areas unanimously consented to ask Safe Work Australia to prepare a plan to ban the items, the government workplace connections priest, Tony Burke, disclosed.

The choice to bring forward preparing by 6 months adheres to a caution by the powerful construction union in November that it would prohibit the use, manufacture and importation of crafted stone by 1 July 2024 if the federal government fell short to do so.

Safety and security regulatory authorities in the UK, US and Canada have actually advised that respirable crystalline silica is a reason for silicosis, a serious and irreparable lung disease that can trigger permanent impairment and early death.

Australia would be the very first country in the world to prohibit the item, although New Zealand has claimed it might do the same.


Australia's finest options to engineered rock benchtops

Just a few years on, the allure of the marvel item has actually been obstructed. A straight link has been located in between processing the quartz compound made use of to make crafted stone, and silicosis-- the devastating, incurable and in some cases deadly lung condition that has actually been connected with masonry work considering that antiquity, and is the world's earliest recognised occupational condition. Its cause: breathing in a lot of great silica dust particles for also lengthy.

Some crafted rock has over 95% silica (while granite generally contains about 30%) and the threat to those refining it is significant. WorkSafe Australia has recommended a total restriction on its import and setup, and significant stores including Ikea and Bunnings have actually assured to terminate the item.

This implies architects, builders and renovators have actually been left searching for more secure options that will not compromise the final result or blow out renovation budget plans.


solid surface counter tops

What can I use instead?

solid surface products which can be made to appear like anything from marble to powder-coated steel, are actually hard-wearing and flexible.

Koris Solid Surface - Zero Silica

corian countertops

Among the benefits of Koris ® Solid Surface is that it consists of zero silica, making it safe for everybody to make a liable surface area choice to specify, manufacture and mount right into homes and organizations throughout Australia.


artificial stone wall panels

Zero Silica in the home – Future proof your safety

When the moment comes to recondition or renew your counter tops surface area, you can be safe in the knowledge that Koris ® Solid Surface can be renewed or eliminated without creating silica dust while doing so.

No Silica on building sites

As Koris ® Solid Surface has zero silica this guarantees no danger of silica direct exposure when working at the fabrication degree or during setup on building sites. By defining Koris ® Solid Surface, you are making it less complicated to keep a safe job site and keeping those dealing with the material safe.



Koris ® can be made use of in a large range of applications, including:

Kitchens and Bathrooms,
Health care facilities,
Aged treatment centers,
Public bathrooms, and
Multi-residential buildings

solid surface shower walls

It is a highly versatile product that can be moulded and shaped into practically any kind of design, making it excellent for producing tailor-maked and one-of-a-kind interiors.

Koris Solid Surface

By selecting Koris ® Solid Surface, you can be part of the movement to protect our tradespeople and produce a more secure, much healthier workplace. It is a material that satisfies your demands and exceeds your assumptions in both design and security.

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